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Start Over Assistance Program: 

Provide First Month and/or Security Deposit

  • Lease signed.

  • Bill stating that first months rent and/or security deposit is due at the time of the application

  • Awarded to 1 family per month. 


Supportive Nutrition Assistance Program

  •  Recent Denial from SNAP 

Apply for SNAP at 


The Child Care Assistance Program

  • Denial from Child Care Assistance Program

  • Invoice/ Bill for child

  • Must be enrolled in a Child Care Facility

Apply for Child Care Works at 


Energy Assistance Program

  • Electricity. Gas. Water & Sewage.

  • To avoid termination

  • Denial from LIHEAP; CAP;DEF; USAGE REDUCTION due to income qualification

To apply for Energy Assistance Programs see links below.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program: 

Customer Assistance Program: 

Dollar Energy Fund: 

Usage Reduction:


A New Beginning Program

New Job Assistance: Uniforms/ Business Attire & Transportation

  • Offer letter

  • Acceptance Confirmation with start date 

Prescription Assistance Program

  • Medication/ Co-Pay Reimbursement (For Services for the Children) -Receipt Needed

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