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I formed the nonprofit Mom Offering Meaningful Support after experiencing some hardships and realizing I was unable to get any assistance when I truly needed it.

My name is Shanadora Carter and I am the founder of Mom Offering Meaningful Support (M.O.M.S.). Prior to becoming a mother, I was a traveling Registered Nurse. While on contract in California, I learned that I was pregnant with my first child. Unfortunately, the hospital that I was working for decided to cancel my contract after learning that I was pregnant due to me having “restrictions” because of my pregnancy.

Now five months pregnant with my son, I moved back to my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With my due date quickly approaching, I searched for months to find a job. After applying for countless positions and going on several interviews, I was able to secure employment just two weeks before I gave birth to my son, Zyaire. 


After recovering from a complicated delivery, I continued my search for employment. During my search, I realized that my employment opportunities were limited due to my availability and child care options, or lack thereof.

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As a traveling nurse I was able to save a reasonable amount of money, although it felt like my funds were depleting quickly as months passed without an income. Fortunately, I found a part time job at a local hospital. During this trying time I researched and applied for several assistance programs. I was denied due to income although I was only working 16 hours a week with no other assistance. It was absolutely devastating to me that I was unable to get any assistance when I truly needed it. 

This motivated me to get back into a more secure financial space so that I could turn a stressful experience into a testimony, and help other single parents who were experiencing the same hardships. After doing some research I decided to start Mom Offering Meaningful Support. M.O.M.S. will assist single working parents who are denied help from the government due to their income guideline but are truly in need of assistance. All of the services that will be provided through M.O.M.S. are an absolute need in my community and also come with a powerful personal story


Rent assistance/ Moving Assistance: First months rent and security deposit. 

Awarded on a monthly basis. 

Program will be active for the full calendar year



Food Assistance (In the form of gift cards to local grocery store)

Program will be active for the full calendar year


Child Care Assistance: 

Program will be active for the full calendar year


Bill/Utility Assistance:

Program will be active for the full calendar year


New Job Assistance.

Work Clothes/ Uniforms. Transportation.

Program will be active for the full calendar year


Start of the school year Assistance. School Supplies Active for the month of August For parents that have already received assistance from M.O.M.S.

A WARM WINTER PROGRAM Winter Help. Coats/ Boots Supplies will be distributed during the months of September and October For parents that have already received assistance from M.O.M.S.

PRESCRIPTION ASSITANCE Medication/ Co-Pay Help/ Reimbursement Program will be active for the full calendar year



Shanadora Carter, CEO/ Founder :

Shanadora Carter is the chief executive officer and founder of Mom Offering Meaningful Support Inc. She has always had a passion for helping others and became a Registered Nurse in 2013. After becoming a mother in 2018, she realized first hand the lack of assistance for single working parents. After researching ways that she can help other working single parents in need, she decided to form M.O.M.S. She has also completed a Grant Writing Certificate Program in order to connect with potential funders that share the same passion for her vision. As the CEO

and founder Shanadora is also responsible for the overall management for our personnel, operations, programs, and fundraising.


Santana Williams, Treasurer:


Santana Williams is the treasurer of Mom Offering Meaningful Support Inc. In 2009, she received her Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Robert

Morris University. Mrs. Williams has many years of experience as a staff accountant, including four years with a local nonprofit. Santana is also the daughter of a single mother therefore, she understands and shares the same passion for assisting these single parents in overcoming the obstacles that they may face.


Carla Johnson, Secretary:


Carla Johnson is the secretary of Mom Offering Meaningful Support Inc. She is a single mother and has personally overcome the very obstacles that single mothers are still facing today. Mrs. Johnson obtained a nursing degree while raising her children as a single parent and has been a nurse for over 17 years. Mrs. Johnson has also been the financial secretary at a local nonprofit for the last seven years.

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